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What makes Tai Seng Bavet SEZ the foreign investors' preferred
investment destination?

Best Location

5 km away from Moch Bai International Border Crossing.
Just 80 km away from the Ho Chi Minh international port and 65 km
from airport of Ho Chi Minh.
165 km southeast of Phnom Penh City.
Located along ASEAN HIGHWAY #1 which is closed to Ho Chi Minh City.
Transport to Vietnam’s port Ho Chi Ming nearer and lower in transf
port cost.

Investment Incentives

One Stop Service provided by the Administration of Special Economic
Zone (ASEZ).
- Company registration.
- Investment license (Conditional Registration Certificate: CRC) to be
  issued by ASEZ within three (3) working days.
- ASEZ will provide immediate legal and administrative assistance.
Incentives for SEZ investors.
- Up to 9 years tax holiday for eligible Qualified Investment Project
- 0% on Value-added Tax.
- Tax exemption on importation of raw material, equipment...etc.
- 0% rate on import/export of goods into and from the TAI SENG
- Permanent Visas for zone investor and family members.
- Receive the privilege of owning the land or building for ninety
  years for Cambodian national.
- Enjoy the right to transfer income to overseas countries.

Public Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance

24 hours safety and security within TAI SENG BAVET SEZ.
Operation and maintenance of public facilities including the road
network system, rainwater drainage canals, fire hydrants, gates, fences, signboards and bridges.
Operation and maintenance of public facilities for power supply,
water supply, waste water treatment and hygienic services.
Cleaning of public areas including all greenery areas, building,
elevator, parking area maintenance and non-industrial waste disposal.
40% approximately lower utilities cost compared to Phnom Penh.

Investment Incentives and Advantages of Foreign Companies Investing In Cambodia

Strategically located in the heart of, what has been and will continue
to be, the most dynamic manufacturing hub of the world.
Part of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), within which most of
Cambodia's products will enjoy low tariffs of between 0% to 5%.
As a Least Developed Country, Cambodian products enjoy duty-free
access to some of the world's most lucrative markets.
As a member of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA),
preferential access to a trading block inhabited by 1.7 billion
increasingly prosperous consumers.
Rated by the US Heritage Foundation as one of the most open and
free economies in Asia.
With millions of tourists expected to visit the world famous Angkor
temples, amble opportunities for investors servicing this niche market.
Abundant supply of eager-to-learn young workers.
Skilled and unskilled young labor force available and willing to work
at competitive wages.
Basic infrastructure conforming to international standards.
Convenient access to world class amenities and facilities.
Readily available locally based consultants and contractors to
provide short term out-sourced services at reasonable rates.
An innovative One-Stop Service Centre concept with enhanced
transparent trade facilitation characteristics
- Expeditious issuance of investment licenses, approvals and permits.
- Seamless import/export customs clearance.
- Prompt processing of export documents.
- Affordable charges and tariff rates.
- 24/7 emergency service desk.
- Professionally trained security contingent.
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